The Rookie Program is for players with limited or no basketball experience, generally younger grade school age (K-8 grade). Players will learn and improve basic basketball skills, game theory and body mechanics. The focus on skills, through fun drills, will foster a love the game and will challenge players to do their best. A normal day will consist of warm ups, review, new skills or concepts, practice and game play. Each day and week will build on each other, helping players to develop at the right pace. Players learn the Pure Advantage curriculum from skilled high school and college proteges of Matt Conboy. Matt will oversee the lesson plans and once a week will test players to monitor progress through the program. Each player will be evaluated at the start of the summer and be measured only against themselves. The goal of the Rookie Program is to create a positive attitude towards basketball, sportsmanship, and unselfish play. Plus, players will gain confidence in their abilities and have a lot of fun.

Rookie sessions will be a hour long starting at 11:00am – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – from June 27th through August 18th

Cost will be $325.00

Drop in options: 4 sessions for $75.00, 8 sessions $125.00, 12 sessions $249.00