Pure Summer Players  2015

Check out these players taking their game to the next level in the Summer Program. Champions are made in the off-season and these dedicated players prove it!! .

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Who Is Matt Conboy?

Matt Conboy was a graduate from Prairie High School. A top level athlete all for years, Matt Went on to become SW top recruits in 2001. In college, Matt Played at Prairie…read more.

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“Our clinic was amazing, I watched Matt work with the kids over this past week and I must say I am impressed. Not only that but I have seen such an increase in my son’s motivation and work ethic even after the camp. We look forward to the next one. Thank you again”  Adam Alsen

Adam Alsen

Mission -

· Providing the Basketball Skills to allow success beyond one’s wildest dreams no matter what the age. · Bringing science to the art of Basketball · Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react. The Pure Advantage is mastering how to react.. · Pure Advantage believes when you give it your all, You have already won

Vision –

To create a tailored environment for the athlete to achieve his/her goals by utilizing · Innovative Basketball Skills Training Techniques · Strength, Speed, Conditioning Training · Basketball IQ Training · Mental Toughness Training and Visualization · Wellness including Injury Prevention, Sports Yoga, and Nutrition


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